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News as of December 19th, 2017

Well, it came out on yesterday, but now it's on Steam!

UPDATE: Fixed a game-breaking bug where none of the games would end
if you had your Profile file loaded.

On top of that, I'm making Episode 1 available for free now.
You can download it from this section of the website:

Members Stuff
-Andrew's Patreon
-Eric's Patreon
-Evgeniy's Website


Farnham Fables Tape 1 on Steam
Episode 2 (requires Episode 1)
Episode 3 (requires Episode 1)



Farnham Fables Episode 1 on

Farnham Fables Episode 2 on

Farnham Fables Episode 3 on

Random videos

Any questions or bug-reports, e-mail me at:

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