Name Fredrick Farnham
Gender Male
Race Human
Ethnicity White
Age 28
Birthday ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Occupation Prince/Adventurer
Home Farnham Castle
Preference Women (and girls) of all races
Other Left-Handed


A very good in-depth description of Fredrick that gets typed out here at some point in the future, though I don't know exactly when, but hopefully it will be soon, and it's great to know the spacing works on this thing here.
Fredrick likes all the girls.



Reference Sheet

Although Fredrick has no issues with male nudity (but absolutely LOVES female nudity), he's not really that comfortable being naked himself.

He doesn't have much variety to his wardrobe.  He's pretty much always seen in his standard adventuring clothes (which are entirely fireproof by the way, including the feather in his hat), except for very uncommon occasions where he'll dress up in more formal "princely" attire.