The Three Princes


The Pilot Episode was completed on April 27th, 2014 and took less than 2 weeks to make (around 10 days I think, I don't remember exactly).

The Pilot Episode is (and always will be) available for free.


Episode 0 is, not only the Pilot Episode of Farnham Fables, but it's also the very first game made under the Ethrea Dreams name, although it wasn't the first to be released.

The Pilot Episode is lacking quite a number of things the series is known for.
It uses a 64 color palette instead of 216, a resolution of 640x480 instead of 800x600, the middle mouse button doesn't show clickable areas, and, most shocking of all,
you can't create or load a Profile File, which means no Ethrea, and no Nudie Mode.