Just Another Sunday

"Wendy Edison and her family come home from church, only to find the gate
to the pasture broken and one of their cows has wandered off.
To make matters worse, Wendy's sister Winona blames herself and runs off as well.
Looks like today isn't going to be just another Sunday!"

Episode 2 was first released September 1st 2016 on itch.io and on Steam.

The latest version of the game is the Sixth Edition, released December 18th, 2017.
UPDATE December 19th: Fixed a game-breaking bug where it wouldn't end
with Profile file loaded.

It is currently available for purchase on itch.io, or on Steam as part of Tape 1.
Buy on itch.io
Buy on Steam (requires Episode 1)


Episode 2 was originally titled "Somethin' About Cows".

Wendy's four tasks (Winona, the cow, the toolbox, the key) can be done in any order,
but she needs to change into her work clothes to find the cow and the key.