Animals at School

"Theresa Doyle is pretty excited about going to school today, because Prince Philip Farnham will be coming to the Brown Forest Elementary School to give a presentation about some rare and fascinating animals. Unfortunately, a brief lapse in supervision has allowed them to get loose in the school. Hopefully Philip can round them all up and still have time to give his presentation!"

Episode 3 was first released December 18th 2017 on itch.io,
and December 19th on Steam.

It is the First Edition of the game.
UPDATE December 19th: Fixed a game-breaking bug where it wouldn't end
with Profile file loaded.

It is currently available for purchase on itch.io.
Buy on itch.io
Buy on Steam (requires Episode 1)


Episode 3 took far too long to make.

The field wasn't originally planned to be included,
but the creator felt inspired to get background done one day.

The manticore, the unicorn, or the phoenix can be brought back first.
After that, the four remaining animals can be returned in any order.