The King's Medicine

"When Naigye and her niece Cally visit the castle, a surprise encounter
with King Farnham leads to a short story about his three sons
visiting a village of native lizard people."

Episode 1 was first released June 20th, 2015 on itch.io,
and June 20th 2016 on Steam.

The latest version of the game is the Eighth Edition, released December 18th, 2017.
UPDATE December 19th: Fixed a game-breaking bug where it wouldn't end
with Profile file loaded.

As of December 18th, 2017, it is now available for free.

It can also be obtained at itch.io with the option to pay whatever you wish if you wish.
Buy/get on itch.io

It is still available for purchase on Steam as part of Tape 1.
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Episode 1 is a direct remake of the Pilot Episode,
with added scenes, some different objects to interact with,
and almost the entire text was completely rewritten.

This was the first game ever released by Ethrea Dreams,
as the Pilot Episode was never officially released.

Either finding the mushroom or finding Gloria can be done first.

Quite possibly the hardest to find interaction is "Talk to Clouds" as Philip
after finding Gloria but before returning her to Rachael.